Linda Drake Bio

Linda Drake began her photography at age 12, traveling with her adventurous mother to remote destinations around the world. From photojournalism to winning wilderness photos, Linda creates images that capture our imagination. Along with being published in numerous publications, books & calendars, she has won international awards in 2007 & 2009 from Nature’s Best which displays her work at the Smithsonian Institute Natural History Museum. She is currently a 2009 Travel Photographer of the Year finalist.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, Linda has braved elements few of us would dare, shooting wildlife at temperatures of 60 degrees below zero. Her photography showcases her sensitivity and her extraordinary view of wild and civilized life.

To see the world through Linda’s eyes is an experience few can forget. With an arresting portfolio of northern lights to her fabulous collection of Polar Bears and penguins, this intrepid explorer of light and life takes us where most of us only dream to go.